Longton South Primary Care Centre,
Greendock Street, Stoke on Trent,
Staffordshire, ST3 2NA

Information for Carers

Are You a Carer?

Are you a carer or cared for? Do you care for someone who could not manage without you or are you someone that is cared for?

It is important that carers stay as fit and healthy as possible. We want to help carers however we can only do this if you let us know you are a carer and register yourself as a carer using the Carer Registration Form (see below).

Under NHS regulations all GPs are required to compile a register of carers. This identifies carers and their needs so that support can be offered when needed if you care for a relative, friend or neighbour who is dependent on that help. The person being cared for may be handicapped, have a debilitating physical or mental illness or be in frail health and can be any age.

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North Staffordshire Carers

Look after someone? Then who looks after you?

Do you look after someone who matters to you and needs your help? 

Then we are here to look after you. North Staffordshire Carers Clubs offer you training, to that well deserved break for a few hours and to meeting a friendly face have a cuppa and make new friendships.

All Carers are welcome to come along to any of our groups!

Find out more about North Staffordshire Carers - October 2020 in this leaflet

For further information about North Staffordshire Carers visit: www.carersfirst.com

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Carers Hub

Caring In Stoke-on-Trent And Staffordshire

The Carers Hub is a single point of contact for carers and their families in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent. They aim to improve the lives of carers of all ages through support, advice, information and training.

Carers Hub Club - Upcoming events

Register with the Carers Hub to Receive Your I.C.E card.

Carers Hub - Look After Someone - Then Who Looks After You?

Facebook Group - Carers Voice www.facebook.com/groups/2297561380459231/
The group is for Carers to share their voice and speak to other Carers for support and help. You can also share any information on support groups and other information that may be useful to other Carers.

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The Empty Cup - The Story Of Unpaid Care

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Register with us as a Carer

We may be able to help you and ensure that your own health needs are met in the most appropriate way. To do this please register with us as a carer:

  • Pick up the form at reception and complete it there.

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Useful Contacts

The Carers Health Organisations section on this website has lots of useful links to help you.